Reach for that Good Feeling Emotion

Reach for that Good Feeling Emotion

We are indeed the conduit for source to flow through and onto others. By reaching for a better thought during any negative emotion or situation we create increased awareness of our power to change our emotional state. Abraham Hicks describes it as reaching for that high flying disk. This doesn’t mean by no stretch of the imagination you should always feel good and only have positive emotions. There are no bad emotions but we can let the negative one’s flow through us without judgement then move onto to a better feeling thought.

This morning when I thought about the importance of elevating your vibration I was grateful for the guided meditation I’d done last night before bed. I found this great meditation on Gina Spriggs website. I met Gina while attending a three day Click Retreat in Asheville, North Carolina hosted by Christine Kane. I instantly noticed her authentic strong presence. I had the privilege of spending time with her during the event. We chatted lots and connected instantly and shared a few meals at local restaurants with some of her friends. Among many other things, Gina helps heart centered Intuitives expand their gifts and create successful, life supporting businesses. You can check out her website at: you can also access the guided meditation at:

You may have noticed many times that when you are having an awesome day and feeling full of energy, good things happen. When we are aligned to this high flying disk, we are contributing to others in a positive way. People connect to this positive vibe and you will have random strangers smile at you or have an unexpected uplifting conversation.


We have so many auto pilot habits in our lives that have been developed over time. Why not build on the good ones and slowly remove the negative ones. Develop a habit of always reaching for a better feeling thought and over time amazing things will follow.

Until next time Doyle it in!

We are the Conduit


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