Habits Sustain Motivation

Habits Sustain Motivation

Many people think Motivation is something you either have or you don’t. The truth is, motivation comes and goes just like happiness and the ups and downs in ours lives. Just like a positive vantage point fosters happiness, our habits can cultivate and sustain motivation.

I have heard friends, family and clients say “I am just not motivated.” Although Motivation creates momentum, habits sustain that drive. Motivation is a choice and can be developed and fostered by consistent habits.

A powerful section of my journey involved losing sixty-five pounds and developing a strong passion for nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I was very motivated when I signed up for my first sprint triathlon in 2010. However, it was my habits that lead to my overall success. You see anyone can head to the gym when they are super excited about working out. To this day, I still make sure that the days I don’t feel like working out are the days I don’t skip.

Nate Green in his book “Scrawny to Brawny” said, “habits make us, and habits break us.” I encourage you to intentionally create habits that keep you moving forward with both passion and purpose.

Until next time, Doyle It in!

Habits Sustain Motivation


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